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Micro Weddings: How Smaller Weddings Can Be More Rewarding

With the newest round of government mandates released here in Washington comes the ability to have small weddings and receptions again! While the smaller guest count still isn’t what most would imagine on their wedding day, there are some positives to keeping your special day on the smaller side.

– You can spend more quality time with your guests in an intimate setting

Having been a bride that had a big wedding (about 220 guests), it’s impossible to spend quality time or let alone even have a conversation with everyone who was invited. If I had even cut that amount in half, I would have been able to talk and make memories with most of the people that were there.

As the bride and groom, you’re already so busy on your special day, smaller amount of guests means you get to really make memories and spend quality time with those invited to your special day.

– A smaller guest count can give your wallet a break

If you’re considering cutting your guest count to adhere to current mandates, there might be a silver lining. There is always one thing that comes along with a big wedding and reception, an even bigger price tag! A smaller guest count can give both your wallet and your budget a break. You can even use the money you saved on a big reception or anniversary party in the future!

– Splurging on things you really want are possible now

As mentioned, the smaller guest count can keep some money in your budget for other things that you might not have been able to afford before. Maybe there was an item on your caterers menu that was just out of your budget for 150 guests that you can now afford for 30 guests. That beautiful floral covered arbor you have saved on Pinterest can now become a reality for your ceremony!

So whether you have that huge wedding with all your family and friends or have a more scaled down intimate celebration, at the end of the day you are surrounded by people you care about celebrating your love for one another!

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