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Celebrate Love With a Minimony at Port Gamble!

What is a minimony? It’s exactly what it sounds like, a mini ceremony! It’s a close and intimate ceremony where you exchange vows with your partner, a small number of guests, and a select number of vendors from you wedding day lineup.

With the constantly changing rules and regulations being put in place, minimonies are a great way to hold your wedding date (or close to it) and still have a small ceremony. At Port Gamble Weddings, we’ve teamed up with some amazing coordinators to offer you minimony packages, so that you can still celebrate your love with your friends and family. Although it isn’t the big celebration that you imagined at the beginning of your wedding planning, these packages offer you the chance to still have amazing floral, beautiful pictures and an awesome venue!

Take a closer look at some of the amazing packages these vendors have to offer and come celebrate in Port Gamble!

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