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Welcome to the first official blog post in our 5 W’s blog series!

Today’s topic, Invitation suites! Let’s get right to business shall we?


Invitation suites, what are they? We like to think of them as your guests first glimpse of what your wedding day is going to look like and what they should expect! From the moment they open the mailbox and see that gorgeous envelope to the moment they read the last line, your invitation suite elicits emotions of excitement and joy to those special people that you want to help you celebrate the start of the new chapter in your life.


Theres so many reasons as to why invitation suites are so important to your wedding day. You wedding day is a very important day in your life. Its the beginning of your new life with your spouse! Theyre a beautiful and classic way to let your loved ones know that youre getting married and youd like them to be a part of your special day. Theyre not only for your guests and grandmas fridge (we love you for this grandmas!) but your photographer will love them too! Photographers document your love story, and the invitiations, like a glimpse to your guests, are also a glimpse into your love story. Keeping hard copies in your keepsake box is great, but over time, life happens and they might get a little dingey or ripped 🙁 But having your photographer take amazing details shots with your invitation suite will make sure that youve got your invitations looking crisp and pristine until the end of time!


3-4 months before the wedding:

Mail your save the dates

*if its a destination wedding, send your save the dates as soon as you’ve got a wedding date confirmed, this gives your guests enough time to make travel arrangements.

6-8 weeks before your wedding:

Mail your wedding invitations

*Destination weddings try to send them out 3 months in advance

2-3 weeks before wedding:

this should be the date that your guests need to have their RSVPs back to you by.


The mailbox silly:)


We know some amazing calligraphists that will create your perfect vision of what your wedding day and your love story will look like on a wedding suite. Our favorite, that we send brides to is Crista Dougherty. Shes such a sweet lady who will help you make your invitation suite dreams come true! Tell her Port Gamble sent you, we promise you wont be disappointed!

Check out some of her amazing work below!

Photos courtesy of

We hope that we’ve helped you get a clear image about what you want for your wedding invitation suite! We can’t wait to see them on your wedding day!

Until next time!

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