Your Perfect Wedding Starts Here


Wedding planning is probably at the top of most peoples list as “stressful things”. A wedding has so many moving parts to it, that it can all become overwhelming very quickly.

We at Port Gamble Wedding and Events, have created this little mini-series to help you create a clear pathway to what your wedding day looks like.

You may be asking yourself, Whats this whole thing about? A series? like a TV show?

Well yes, kind of. But there’s no evil stepmothers, or mythical creatures or cliff hangers.

This mini series is comprised of different blog posts about different vendors, and ideas all designed to help you sort through all the ideas you have in your head and help you come to a clear vision of what you want. As a wedding venue, there are very little things we haven’t seen here, from donut boards to coffin bars. Yep, a coffin as the bar! (It was gorgeous and so unique to the bride and groom!).

That doesn’t mean your wedding is any less amazing and special, it just means that we’ve got some great ideas when it comes to personalizing your wedding.

The 5 W’s.

Who. What. Where. When. Why.

We’ve got a line up of amazing blog posts for different ideas and vendors all to help you figure out if they’re something you need to have at your wedding!

Each and every one of us here at the office are dedicated to helping you make your day as special and unique as the love you and your other half have for each other.

With that said, stay tuned for the very first post in this mini series! Where we cover Invitations suites!

We can’t wait to see you on your wedding day and we hope that this series helps you relieve some of the stress from wedding planning!

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