Your Perfect Wedding Starts Here

How to Keep Your Timeline on Track!

Your wedding day is one of the most special, albeit one of the most busy days of your life! Of course, not every thing is going to stay right on schedule. However, here are a few tips to keep your wedding day running on time and as smoothly as possible!

1. Consider doing a first look with your groom and the bridal party. This can help keep photos after the ceremony from taking longer than expected. It can also allow you to enjoy some of cocktail hour with your guests!

2. Designate a couple people to give toasts. Whether it be the maid of honor and best man or your parents. Making a list and handing it off to your DJ can allow them to help keep things flowing on time.

3. Leave more than enough time for any special dances, garter toss, etc. These things usually happen right before you kick off the party, so make sure you block out time for them! You don’t want to try to squeeze them in and then end up with only an hour of dancing with your friends and family.

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