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Tips to Tackle Your Seating Chart

Although assigned seating isn’t mandatory, most brides opt to create a seating chart for their reception. Creating a seating chart for your wedding day can seem tedious and overwhelming. Whether you are taking on the task of assigned seats or assigned tables, we’ve come up with a few simple steps to help make the process stress free!

1. Keep a copy or rough draft of your floor plan on hand

Having a hard or digital copy of your reception space and how your tables are arranged can be an awesome visual aid when tackling a seating chart. This allows you to keep in mind the layout of your tables and where important things like the buffet, desserts, and bar will be located. Having a copy can also help you figure out where you’d like immediate family to sit and also avoid putting your grandparents too close to the DJ!

2. Categorize your guests by groups

If you’re ready to make a seating chart that means that you should have a finalized list (or close to) of all the guests that will be at your wedding. Dividing your guest list up into categories can help with the seating process. Creating categories such as family, friends, coworkers, etc. can make the process less overwhelming. This allows you to have a visual of groups of people that may already know each other and get along.

3. Get help from your family!

Employing the help of your fiance, parents, and soon to be in laws can be so beneficial. They can help you figure out who should sit where and give you insight on whether or not certain family members should sit at the same table. Your parents and future in laws might even have close friends that they would like seated at their table or close by. When in doubt, work as a team!

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