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Quick Tip: Bistro Table Linens

In case you didn’t know, Port Gamble Weddings has 8 bistro tables available for use. Many couples choose to use them for cocktail hour outside or if they will be having dancing in a separate space from their dinning space. Just make sure linens get ordered for them! (If you need help with any of your rental items, contact us at (360)297-8074). Another thing to keep in mind is that they look nice with something tied around their center. The photo below is the table we have in our showroom as an example. This is the most common look for bistro tables.

bistro table grey linens

However, some couples choose to create their own sashes with fabric that perfectly matches their theme or colors; and others opt out of a tie all together.

Or, you could use a ribbon, burlap, or sequin fabric, or even a piece of rope for a nautical theme.

This is just another one of the endless ways to make your wedding uniquely yours!

Happy Planning!

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