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Guest Book Inspiration

Modern weddings have come a long way, and very few are 100% traditional any more. The guest book is no exception to this trend. We see pretty little books with lines for every guest to sign their name, but those are few and far between. It seems that now couples want something a bit more personal that reflects their style. The options are endless, and guests love the surprise of getting to leave their mark with more originality. Below are just a few of the adorable “guest books” we’ve seen here at Port Gamble Weddings.

1. A book you’ll want to look at over and over again – engagement photos with loving notes from all your wedding guests

2. A canvas for everyone to leave a colorful thumbprint on

3. A guitar that means so much more now

4. A piece of art to match a theme

5. A wooden sign covered in thoughtful messages

6. A typewriter for a classic love note feel

7. Love birds in a tree of guests’ signatures

Happy Planning!

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