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Decoration Inspiration

The Hood Canal Vista Pavilion, with it’s huge windows, six sets of French doors, green lawns and picturesque water view, doesn’t need much decorating. The building itself is simple yet modern and elegant. Many brides and grooms take a minimalistic approach to decorating the pavilion, but everyone adds something to give it a personalized touch. One area of focus we see time and time again is the mantlepiece above the grand, stone fireplace. Here is some of what we’ve seen:

1. Sweet initials

2. Florals with a beach-y touch

3. Rustic flair

4. Big blooms

5. Light up letters

6. A piece to complement your theme

7. Romantic symbolism

8. A beautiful planter box

9. Mood lighting

10. Eye-catching glitter

11. A mirror with your new initial

12. Family photos

13. Eclectic arrangements

14. Simple and classic

15. An engagement photo

16. Crafty cute

17. A newly shared name

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