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Checklist Items You Can Get Done Now

If you’re anxious about starting to plan for your wedding, but you think that the big decisions will require more thought before putting down a deposit, here are some things that you can get done early – even if you’ve only barely started planning!

Note: This post is meant to follow our post “The First 5 Steps to Planning Your Wedding

  • Start a Pinterest board! It’s never too early to start collecting inspiration!
  • Get a notebook that you can dedicate to wedding planning and info. Magazine clippings, fabric samples, and notes from meetings with vendors can all be kept in one place.
  • Once you pick your venue, look at lodging available in that area. Many hotels and bed and breakfasts offer a discount for booking early. And, even if you won’t be booking rooms for your guests, they will want to know their options as early as possible so they can plan their weekend.
  • It’s always nice to take a break from heavy planning to talk about something fun. Honeymoon planning doesn’t require any information about your wedding except for when you will be leaving. This means that you can get it taken care of nice and early.
  • Start a workout routine. The earlier the better! If you can take baby steps, this will be one less thing to be concerned about as your wedding day approaches. Even if you don’t plan to lose weight, getting toned for all those photos will keep you carefree and confident on your big day!
  • Draft your wedding vows. Even if they change as your wedding approaches (they probably will), you can be confident that you put your best work into them because you didn’t wait until the last minute.
  • Choose and purchase your wedding bands. You can safely store them away and have it checked off your long list!
  • Any other small ticket items that won’t make or break decisions made later on. For example: gifts for your wedding party and your parents, a list of songs you’ll want to hear at your wedding, a list of must-have photos for your photographer, “survival kits” for the day of your wedding, to-go boxes to split up left over food at the end of your wedding night and a box for the top tier of your cake, etc.

We’re here to help! Even though we’re not wedding planners, we’d be happy to answer and questions you might have or point you in the right direction. Or, if you would like to tour our beautiful venues, just give us a call at: (360)297-8074

Happy Planning!

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