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10 Send Off Ideas for Your Grand Exit

If you’ve been to the FAQ section of our website, you’re probably thinking, “What CAN I use for my send off?” So, here are some ideas to spark your creativity! If you have an idea that you’re unsure if we’ll allow, give us a call or send us an e-mail – we’d love to discuss it with you!

1. Bubbles. Tried and true, bubbles are fun and look great in pictures!

2. Fake Snow. Flakes without the cold and wet! Just make sure they’re biodegradable.

3. Flags. American flags, state flags, fabric or paper with “yay!” printed on the front, sports team flags; so many ways to personalize!

4. Mini Beach Balls. A great way to bring a summer-time theme to your wedding!

5. Ribbon Wands. They can be bought or DIY-ed and are user-friendly!

6. Glow Sticks. An exciting option if your sendoff will be after your reception!

7. Military Saber. Always a beautiful tradition!

8. Leaves. Environment and budget conscious way to celebrate the season!

9. Paper Airplanes. Perfect with a travel, schoolhouse, or book theme!

10. Light Sabers. Your geeky side is showing!

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