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How To Keep Your Guests Warm and Cozy at Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be very romantic! The sun goes down early and leaves plenty of opportunity for dimmed lighting with candles or string lights. Taking shelter in your venue makes even larger weddings feel intimate. Hot cocoa, coffee and cocktails keep hands and tummies warm and happy. Your guests will want to stay longer to avoid the cold or rain or snow outside. And, mistletoe is a fun, classic nod to the holiday season. That being said, it’s important to keep your guests comfortable if you’ll want to ask them to brave the chilly temperatures for your wedding day. An indoor ceremony and reception is a great option, but here are some other things you may not have thought about for your winter wonderland.

1. Blankets. Use as favors or just as lenders to keep friends and family toasty

2. Umbrellas. Here in the Northwest we know that winter doesn’t just mean cold and possible snow. It means rain. Umbrellas are great for keeping dry, but double as props for photos!

3. Fireplace. Choosing a venue with a fireplace takes a heated space from “shelter” to “homey”.

4. Coatrack. It’s often forgotten that every guest will have a coat of some sort and they can quickly clutter a space. Coatracks keep attention off keeping track of a scarf, and on you!

5. Cocoa bar or warm cocktails. Nothing says winter like hot chocolate or spiced rum!

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